In the new Windows 10, you can get it without dialogue about safe to remove the device! :-D

Due to the coming update to Windows 10 users will be able to retrieve from the computer the stick is qualitatively new, hitherto unimaginable way! ?

Walking around the Microsoft site, I came across a description of a future version of Windows 10 at number 1809, left in the bowels of the branches of the messages of support. According to this text, new users of Windows finally (please!) will be able to extract from the device USB flash drive, without resorting to the use of a dialogue on the safe shutdown of the drive. ?

Moreover, it is presented as one of the main “chips” of the future update. Here, enjoy:

…even the title made! ?

Maybe I misunderstood something, but the text calls the extraction function of the stick — “politics”, that is, a kind of philosophy works throughout the OS.

The rest of the text it becomes clear that this feature was available in the days of Windows 7, but it had to be activated. Now it will be enabled by default

“Ruth, are you on drugs?! Why the hell you put Linux on the website an article about Windows 10?!”.

Part of the audience of the website.

Whoa-whoa, I thought so. ? Yes, just so, to create good mood, for any linuksoida this message from the Corporation-developer of “Namba-one” desktop operating system world is, at least, smile.

: – (

Good weekend to all!

Author: root
Image: Microsoft, open sources


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