Install Spring RTS

Spring is an engine for games in the genre of real time strategy. Spring was originally created to reproduce popular in the 900-e Total Annihilation game in the future, there are many other beautiful and interesting strategies on this engine including commercial.

Official site Spring Games under it cross-platform because the engine is written for all popular unix-like OS and for Windows. Supported the LAN and via the Internet.

TA Spring

Games represent a powerful real-time strategy in 3D style, with huge maps and a huge number of combat and construction units. Later I will try to make the reviews of all the most interesting and free games based on Spring engine while installing the engine and games.

Spring Engine Spring Installation in ubuntu

Spring RTS is available in the official repositories of the distribution. You can install it searching in the app Center search by name springlobbyor by entering the command in the terminal:

sudo apt-get install springlobby

However, in the official repositories is not always the most recent version of the game, so it’s best to connect the PPA repository ppa:spring/ppa (how to connect a ppa repository), and install as described above.

Installing Games in Spring

The list of available games you can find on the page On this page you will find both commercial and free open games. To install the game:

  • Download any you game it will be a file with the extension sd7 or sdz
  • Copy the file to a folder .spring/mods/ located in your home directory.
  • Let me remind you that folders and files starting with a period in unix-like OS (including Linux) are hidden and are not displayed by default in the file Manager nautilus. Therefore, you must either explicitly specify Puit in the address bar open your home folder, press Ctrl+L to add to the address bar folder .spring and press Enter. Either Enable the display of hidden files in the settings of Nautilus.

    Installing Cards in the Spring

    In addition to the actual installation of the engine and the game should install as well and the cards which actually will be battles. This is done in the same way as installing the game itself:

  • Download card using to search the Internet and particularly the website:
  • Put the downloaded map files with the extension sd7 or sdz in the folder .spring/maps
  • Running Games in the Spring

    To play a single player game run from the applications menu SpringLobby, click SinglePlayer.

    Spring Lobby

    At the bottom left select the card you wish to play, then play to the right, then click on Add Bot to add a computer opponent (dialog box opens in which you select AI for the bot), and finally press the Start button.


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