Worlds of Magic turn — based fantasy strategy

Worlds of Magic is a brand new turn-based strategy 4X genre in the Universe, invented by the developers of Lucid Dreams and Wastelands Interactive. In this game, a bizarre combination of the properties of the classic 4X strategy and features that are unique to the “Magic worlds”.

History of Worlds of Magic

The game takes place in Elandra, both beautiful and magical world full of love and harmony. Wise magicians with their enchantments reached heaven and had hoped to become gods. However, they say that the worst sin is pride. The arrogance of wizards completely destroyed the world, opening the road to other Universes. Magicians through special portals have penetrated them and continued the war for his own immortality. However, the magic of other worlds is very different from the spell Landry. Mages had to relearn everything. New knowledge gave a new force, a new force was the beginning of a new confrontation. Now only the victory of one of the wizards can put an end to this lawlessness. This wizard will be the new Supreme ruler of the world!

Worlds of Magic – the ideological heir to Master of Magic

Game developers have tried to keep the atmosphere that was inherent in the strategy Master of Magic. The game has the classic elements – strong characters, procedurally generated maps, fresh game mechanics, and new features (7 new game worlds).

The advantage of the game mechanics, Worlds of Magic is in the D20 system OGL. With its help the player can create new units with special abilities and attributes, and most importantly – without any damage to game balance.

4 gameplay

In the beginning of the article referred to was unclear, at first glance, the abbreviation – 4X. 4X eXplore, eXploit, eXterminate, eXpand means research, extension, use, destruction. Each time a player creates a new Universe, which is not similar to all the previous ones. And this Universe needs to investigate while expanding their country by inviting the army of mercenaries, capturing foreign cities and building up your own. The world of Worlds of Magic is not only war, where the powerless weapons, the victory of diplomacy.

Magic school and technology

In the game there are 12 different schools of magic, different from each other not only their techniques but also achieve effects. The player can choose the magic of fire or the path of destruction. You can combine effects from different spells and get a so-called combo spell, you can explore several areas of magic and gain access to new spells.

The development of the game

Recently one of the developers Wastelands Interactive has announced that Worlds of Magic will appear not only on PC, Mac and Linux, but also on games consoles PS4. At the moment the game is in the digital distribution service Steam (early access program). Already on 19 March will be a version for computers, and a modification product for the gaming consoles, you should wait until the 3rd quarter of 2015. It is interesting to note that to adapt the game for consoles will be a Polish company Teyon, is known for its projects for Nintendo consoles.

The game is available to install through Steam.


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