King’s Bounty: Legions

King’s Bounty Legions is a an exciting strategy, is available to users of social networks and mobile devices (tablets and smartphones). The game is a sequel to King’s Bounty, released by New World Computing in 1990. The developers of the online version – two companies, KranX Productions and Nival. The advantage of a joint product is a unique technology of Unity 3D. That is why the graphics turned out no worse than in past games in the series.

The advantages of King’s Legions

One of the advantages of the game King’s Legions is a “player vs. player”. After all, everyone wants to prove their superiority over the enemy, whether it’s the neighbor on the school Desk or a complete stranger from another country.

Will have to play in a fantasy world full of evil, of misery. The sea pirates are operating in the forests full of robbers, and zombies and strive to send you to another world. Your hero is a graduate of the military Academy, and it aims to “handle” a difficult situation in the Kingdom.

Character development

Initially, your character is a simple warrior, who accompanies a couple of friends. But as soon as you destroy your enemies and complete missions, your army will all increase, and his commander will become stronger and more influential.

King’s Bounty has several types of troops:

  • the soldiers of the Kingdom (they have the advantage of protection);
  • soldiers of Chaos (they are the best in attack);
  • ancient Warriors (they are fluent in spells and can heal people);
  • warriors-Animals, characterized by a fairly average combat parameters.

The basics of gameplay

All the playing field is divided into cells. Each player decides for himself how to do it “wards”. To fight as long as alive there is at least one soldier of your team. It should be noted that the fight can be carried out both in manual and in automatic mode.

Medals Of Valor.

Game world King’s Bounty includes many cities. Your move between cities you can track on the map. In each village you can receive Medals of Valor. For this you need to destroy the army of mobs that will appear when you complete a quest. In any city there are three types of quests: storyline, one-time and recurring. For the victory over the armies of enemies you’ll also receive valuable resources and Special and Legendary creatures. Using the resources, through crafting you can create some powerful armor and weapons. To succeed in the game, it is necessary also to invite friends.

About the developers

The company Nival is a global games developer strategies, has extensive experience in Russia and CIS countries. Founded the company Sergey Orlovsky, a veteran of the “gaming industry”. Describing the company’s achievements, mention should be made of projects such as “rage”, “Etherlords”, “Blitzkrieg” “Heroes of might and magic 5”, etc.

Company KranX was founded by Andrey Kuzmin, a leading game designer and producer of Studio “K-D lab”. Andrey Kuzmin (network name KranK) made a great contribution in the creation and development of projects such as “Perimeter” and “Vangers”. The company’s main goal at this stage is the creation of online projects.

Launch King’s Bounty: Legions in ubuntu

To play you need to register in one of the popular social networking, list available can be found on the website of the game


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