Jag – Linux-game on intelligence

If you think that computer games should not only increase the level of adrenaline in the blood, but also to develop the personality, pay attention to the Jag – the game of wits and speed of reaction. This game is multiplatform, that is equally suitable for operating system Windows and Linux, and is absolutely free. The style Jag is a bit like games like Cradle of Rome and kDiamonds.

Gameplay Jag

The game’s plot is pretty straightforward: you need to gather in one line 3 or more identical tiles. If the chips will be collected on the target cells, the target cells are destroyed. It is in the destruction of target cells at each level is the main task of the player. It need to perform the job as quickly as possible – in this case, you will receive the most points.

The playing field is both free and blocked pieces. So the trick to destroy, it must first be unlocked. Goals and blocks are of two types: single and double.

For the destruction of chips and the objectives you are given points. Points can be spent to purchase necessary tools. Each tool helps you pass the most difficult levels.

In arcade mode you can use up to 10 tools, 2 tool will be available in puzzle mode. After a certain level, you get new tools that will help you in the future.

For the destruction of identical pieces, you get bonuses. After accumulating 500 bonus, you have the right to remove from the playing field all the same type of chips.

Approximately thirty levels of the game much more complicated. And perhaps, some of these levels have to go several times. The graphics of the game is at a high level, so that there will not be any! Warning: because of this game you can throw other forms of entertainment such as books, TV and the Internet. Good luck with solving the puzzle under the name Jag. The game fully deserves a rating of 5 out of 5 points.

Installation Jag

Installation packages of games Jag you can download from the official game site http://jag.xlabsoft.com/download.php there Are packages for Ubuntu and other distributions and for Windows. Downloaded deb package is installed the traditional way (andthe refrigerator in the installation of. deb package).


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