The set of testandset small entertaining toys. Includes several logical, card, arcade and Board games for Linux. Gnome Games is included in standard Gnome.

Gnome Games includes the following games:

  • Aisleriot (Aisleriot) — a Large collection of solitaire games (more than 80). From the description of the game: “Aisleriot engine is a solitaire, with flexible system of defining new rules of the game, allowing a large number of different games.”
  • Mahjongg (Mahjongg) — the implementation of the Chinese Mahjong game for one player.
  • glChess (Chess, the Chess) — Dimensional and three-dimensional chess.
  • Mines (Minesweeper) — a Logical game of Minesweeper.
  • Sudoku (Sudoku) Is a Japanese puzzle Sudoku
  • Nibbles (Worm) — the Game of worm. You want to control the worm and eat the diamonds. After each eaten diamond the length of the worm increases. You can play with a computer or over a network.
  • Five or more (Colored lines, lines, Lines) — the Game lines. In the game you want to make the strips (rows) of balls of one color. As soon as in a series of five or more balls of the same color, the row disappears
  • Robots (Robots) — the Classic game of Robots.
  • Four in a row (Four in a row) — the goal of the game to place on the playing field the first four balls of the same color in a row. You can play with a computer or over a network.
  • Same (The same) — a Game in which you need to remove from the field balls of the same color that touch each other.
  • Gnometris (Gnometris) — Classic Tetris.
  • Tali (Tali) — a Kind of poker with dice and money. Also called Yahtzee.
  • Iagno (Iagno) — Board game Reversi. Also, the game is sometimes called Othello.
  • Tetravex (Tetravex) — In the game you need to place on the game Board squares with numbers so that adjacent faces of the squares contain the same integer.
  • Klotski (Klotski) — In the game you must move around the playing field the blue blocks by moving them with the mouse. Main unit to move to the place indicated by the green dots, with the least possible number of moves.
  • Blackjack (Blackjack, Twenty one, Pontoon) Is a Card game Blackjack. In Russia, the game was called Twenty one and has some features compared to the original game.
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