LNAV (Logfile Navigator)

LNAV (Logfile NAVigator) — effective C++ / Perl (libpcre) / Ncurses command-line utility to view and analyze system logs (log file).

Many tools for viewing system logs have good functionality, but they are not always optimized for group analysis of log files of large size. lnav allows the user to quickly and efficiently analyze any system logs (log files).

Navigator log files lnav easy to use, just specify the directory of the analysed system logs and the application will take care of the rest. Formats log files are automatically detected and compressed log files are decompressed “on the fly“.

Most system log redundant informative, lnav will help from a extensive information to highlight important information and filter out the noise (unnecessary data). Discovered log files are automatically indexed and combined output in a readable form, providing an easy to use user interface for monitoring and analyzing the log files, static and live.

lnav in addition to management using key combinations support, and team management, which allows more flexibility to apply filters, to put a timestamp on the messages to separate log levels and much more… Using extra semantic information, it is possible to perform interleaving messages from different files and generate histograms of messages.

lnav allows you to specify parameters from the command line and/or in the configuration files (JSON files in the directory ~/.lnav)generated from the interface or manually. The analyzed information can be stored, used SQLite (compact, embedded, relational database), setup and use of the application has detailed documentation (in English).

License: Proprietary (Three-clause BSD license)

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Author: posixru

Source: zenway.ru

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