Game Frogatto is a classic two-dimensional platformer with cute pixel graphics. Suitable for games both adults and children.

Frogatto underground level

In the game you will control a brave little girl Trovato who travels to a fictional country and encounters different creatures, collect coins and helps his friends. In the game, as I said pretty nice pixel graphics, nice music and funny characters.Character’s dialogue is done with humor, though some phrases are not translated into Russian language, I hope in the future to fix it.

Frogatto — village

Control of the game is very simple to understand even a small child. The cursor keys, you control the movement of the frog. Using the a of Frogatto jumps, S shoots language. Through language you can rabiat boxes, and swallowing enemies. Swallow one enemy it can be spit out in another isprev thus both. To spit out the enemy, press the Key S. jump to jump not only from earth, but also jump over the walls (from wall to wall) lifting thus the hard to reach high platforms.

House Frogatto

The game is available for both Linux and Windows (and iPhone) can download the game on the official website:

In Ubuntu, the game can be installed searching the software Center searching for keyword frogatto , or by running in a terminal window the following command:

sudo apt-get install frogatto

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