Drill — an innovative tool for fast searching of files and directories attempt to solve “aging” problem of slow searches using indexing.

Drill has a console (drill-search-cli) and a graphical version (drill-search-gtk), the search is performed without indexing, with the use of efficient algorithms for “smart scan“. The application is written “from scratch“, without using the previously used search methods in applications of similar purpose.

Drill immediately scans the file system for full depth from scans excludes special directories and system files. Search parameters you can specify in the leaves of preferences and ignoring, using the list of priority when you run the scan.

Developed Drill – and future-oriented and takes full advantage of multi-threading mode, the scan uses all available system resources, providing the most quick search of files and directories. Found files and directories are displayed “on the fly“before the end of the scan.

Drill in the console version displays a list of files with details or without (using additional options), in the graphical version displays a detailed list, double-click on the file or directory it opens in the appropriate application.

License: GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2)

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Author: posixru

Source: zenway.ru

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