The game “Eador: masters of the broken world” is now available for Linux users

Company Snowbird GameStudios has released an update “Allies” for their game “Eador: masters of the broken world“. The update contains a patch with the traditional for such kind of fixes and support for the Linux operating system. In addition, the Supplement contains 14 brand new units available after the establishment of contacts with one of the 7 races. To purchase the addon in the Steam digital distribution service for only 99 rubles.

“Eador: masters of the broken world” is a talented remake of “Eador: Creation”, which was released in 2009. From the first part the players were ecstatic, and so the programmers from Snowbird Game Studios was left to dress up his “brainchild” in a nice package, that is, to update the graphical component. It was a pleasant bonus, which was pleased with how the new players and the loyal fans of “Eador”.

The plot of the game

Nothing in the great Universe, or the Astral, floating Islands, fragments of the once unified, whole world. Lords – the gods, the immortal essence, I want to assemble these Islands together. However, this goal is hampered to be the ambition of the Lords: everyone wants to be the sole ruler of the Universe. The lords are in the Astral, whereas the islets are physical objects. To realize its ambitions of Lord incarnate in the bodies of great warriors and rulers and lead large-scale, never-ending war. For one of these Masters will play you.

Astral – Nothing Great

The astral plane, which, in fact and all events occur, is a global strategic map placed in a vacuum. In the Astral there are comets, and various types of galaxies, nebula. Instead of planets, fragments of ancient and of one world.

Capturing worlds and adding them to his Empire, the Lord receives a bonus in the form of new buildings, spells and astral energy. Energy can be converted to receive certain advantages over how to capture new worlds.

The game is replete with various techniques, strategies and options for conducting military battles, combines a global strategy, turn-based tactics and RPG elements, intriguing plot and plenty of other opportunities for each player.

“Eador: masters of the broken world” is a game in which your decisions change the world much more than to win the war!


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