How to fix read only file system Linux

Error read only file system may occur when booting from the LiveCD disk or the recovery mode of your distribution. It means that the file system in which you are trying to record mounted read-only. This may be several reasons. There are file systems that are read-only this file system optical disk drive – ISO and the filesystem is SquashFS images.

With these file systems you can not do anything. To change the data in them, it is necessary to unpack the image, modify the data and pack it back. But as far as regular file systems such as EXT4, BTRFS, XFS, you can mount and read and write.

Error read only file system Linux

In this short article we will look at how to fix read only file system Linux parametrov file system for writing. The first step is to determine the mount point for which it is necessary to allow the entry. Try to create a file in the root directory:

touch /file

Error, the file system root directory read-only. To view all of the mount points available in the system run in a terminal:

mount | grep /dev/sd

In this case, the root file system is the mount point. But you have, for example, have a problem with creating a file in your home folder, you’re going to have to remount /home. Look carefully. When the mount point is selected, left it to mount with write access:

sudo mount-o remount,rw /

Or to /home:

sudo mount-o remount,rw /home

After that you will be able to create the file without any problems. After completion of the work, in order to avoid data corruption when you restart, it is desirable to remount the file system back to read-only mode:

sudo mount-o remount,ro /

Now you know what this error means and how it will cope. If you have any questions, please ask in the comments!


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