Costume Quest 2 will be released on Linux

The company Double Fine Productions, the developer of Costume Quest, has announced the list of platforms that will be available the second version of the game. Also was published the first screenshots that give an idea of what the game is. So, release date Costume Quest 2 – October 31, 2014. The game will support 8 platforms: operating systems Linux, Windows, MacOS, and 5 types of gaming consoles. Thus, the work of developers to be serious.

It should be noted that the company Double Fine Productions is known for such games like Stacking, BrutalLegend, Psychonauts. At the head of the company is now a famous game designer Tim Schafer. Thanks to him, gamers of the 90s became acquainted with the masterpieces of Full Throttle and Monkey Island.

March 10 this year, Double Fine Productions have signed an agreement with Majesco, which will probably be the official distributor of the developer. At the end of this article you will be able to see a video of how it was created, the second part of the game. According to Shaffer, during each Halloween to him as if something was missing – and this is despite the number of dissected pumpkins and eating sweets. And suddenly Tim Schafer realized that just misses Costume Quest.

The second part will come quite in the spirit of the basic canons of the original version. Halloween again, and again, groups of children go from house to house and collect candy. As in the first part, the main characters are twins Wren and Reynold. It is worth noting that the creators of Costume Quest is very well parodied game with a turn based combat system. So stay tuned – it promises to be interesting!

The design team will not Tasha Harris – she went to work in the company Pixar.

The first part Costume Quest was released 19 Oct 2010. The player must manage to save your brother or sister from the monster. In the game you need to trick-or-treating in 3 locations, full of funny humor and interesting stories.


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