Armagetron Advanced

In 1982, the goal for the Studio, Disney released the movie Tron, and then based on the movie a compilation of 4 games. One of the most popular games in the series was the game Armagetron — races on light motorcycles. Available under Windows and Linux.

Armagetron Advanced

Game Armagetron Advanced is a remake of the light cycles in 3D performance. In the game you have, as the name implies, driving a light motorcycle. All the action takes place on the lined box in the cage. You and your opponents race on a motorcycle on the field, and for each motorcycle leaves a mark in the form of an insurmountable wall. The bike can rotate only 90 degrees at a time left or right and it cannot be stopped. Your task is not to crash into a wall or enemy and survive as long as possible, namely until all the enemies won’t hit the wall.

Armagetron Advanced

To play the game online or locally with computer opponents. If you have friends who haven’t changed Windows on Ubuntu that especially for them, the developers have made a port for the operating system of Microsoft Corporation. You can download the game from the official site:

In Ubuntu favorite game is placed directly from the app center, you only have to look under the key word armagetron. Or run in terminal the following command:

sudo apt-get install armagetron


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