18.04.2 Ubuntu LTS released and available for download

18.04.2 Ubuntu LTS available for download, although a week later than originally planned.

This update is the second release in the series Ubuntu 18.04 LTS “Bionic Beaver” and includes an updated Linux kernel and graphics drivers.

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS is indeed a release with long term support, supported because of constant updates until 2023 for desktop computers.

What’s new in this release?

New releases play an important role in the life of the LTS. These freshly prepared ISO images bring together all the key software updates, bug fixes and security fixes, released on Ubuntu since the last ISO.

Why is it important? The convenience and safety. The Union of all problems with the updates since the last issue saves new users from having to download and install updates to several hundred megabytes after installation. This provides a fix critical vulnerabilities in new systems.

18.04.2 Ubuntu LTS contains all updates released for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS since the release of Ubuntu LTS 18.04.1 last year.

Ubuntu LTS 18.04.2

By and large 18.04.2 Ubuntu LTS is very similar to the previous iteration. There are a number of significant performance fixes for GNOME Shell and Mutter, which are aimed at reducing memory usage, reducing CPU spikes and lead to a smoother UI animations.

Also available updated apps, including the latest version of Firefox 65, 60.4 LibreOffice and Thunderbird 6.0.2.

But that’s not all…

Updated kernel drivers and graphics

The main advantage of this (actually, any) release version is the inclusion of updated hardware stack (HWE). The Linux kernel and stack displays this release taken from Ubuntu 18.10 “Comsic Cuttlefish”.

18.04.2 Ubuntu LTS running kernel Linux Ubuntu 4.18. This is the same version as in Ubuntu 18.10, released in October last year. This is a noticeable improvement compared to the Linux kernel 4.15, originally included in Bionic.

New HWE also contains updated versions of the Xserver, Wayland, Mesa plus (series 18.2.x) and other updated graphics drivers.

These critical updates are very important because they show the new and improved hardware support for PCs, laptops, and equipment, released after the first appearance of the original LTS.

Receive the latest HWE version

For those who have installed Ubuntu 18.04 LTS in April last year, will not get the hardware update automatically, but you can sign up to receive them.

Those who are subscribed and those who install Ubuntu with this new image, will benefit from the new stack of hardware and will be able to upgrade to newer versions of the stack as they are released.

If HWE stirred your imagination and you are using Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, you can subscribe to receive it by running the following command:

Download Ubuntu LTS 18.04.2

18.04.2 Ubuntu LTS available for download, 64-bit desktops and 64-bit servers.

Download Ubuntu LTS 18.04.2

If you are using Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and I think to upgrade or not, my answer is no. If you have already installed all available updates, then you technically already have a version of Ubuntu LTS 18.04.2.

Source: omgubuntu.ru

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