SDL Asylum

SDL Asylum — a two-dimensional C (si) / C++ / SDL / OpenGL platformer, a port of the game Asylum, written by Andy Southgate (Andy Southgate) in the 1994 year for the Acorn Archimedes series(General purpose computers).

The young Siegmund (Sigmund) problems, you need to help him solve the problems his mental instability. To fix the mental disorder need to enter in his surreal inner world, to find and isolate all faulty neurons causing problems.

Gameplay SDL Asylum is similar to most classic platformers, moving through the levels, the character picks up everything that moves, avoid or shoot everything that moves. The aim of the game is finding things similar to brain cells (oscillating neurons) and their isolation.

SDL Asylum is almost similar to the original version of the game, the only difference is the ability of teleportation. On the first level (the Ego) the teleporters look like a candelabra, allowing the character to instantly travel from one part of the level to another.

SDL Asylum has simple 2D graphics and low system requirements, has five levels with eight “neurons” in each. To control can use the joystick or keyboard (configurable).

License: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)

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