Tremulous: humans vs others

The topics people struggle with strangers (aliens) are quite popular and repeatedly played out in movies and computer games. Tremulous is a computer game genres FPS and RTS, another variation of “on a given topic”. Initially, the project was seen as additions to the game Quake III, and then became fully independent. Currently to war with other people, users can operating systems of Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and FreeBSD.

The essence of the game

The whole story is built on the war between two irreconcilable races, humans and aliens. The confrontation between them takes place not only on Earth but in space, on sites that once built, people. The goal of this game is surely understandable even to a child: you have to destroy as many of the “live forces” of the enemy, and destroy belonging to the “opposing clan” buildings.

It should be noted that play is not necessarily for the people: it is possible to fight for the rights of aliens. If the power of the people in the game is determined by the presence of a weapon, the combat capability of the aliens is entirely determined by their natural characteristics: claws, teeth, fangs. Aliens, unlike the people easily move across the ceiling and down the walls. Thanks to this circumstance the game for the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations promises to be very interesting.


The whole gameplay is a mix of 3D first-person shooter and strategy in real time. And, people, and aliens are three stages of development, evolving on each of them. The degree of improvement depends on the number of loans (in humans) or the number of evolution points (at others). Human classes are distinguished by their weapons, and the classes of the aliens – a degree of mutation.

Install Tremulous in Ubuntu

On the website of the developer, distributions games for mentioned in the beginning of this article, the operating systems. After downloading the game installs with a single command in the terminal:

sh ./  

The game is present in the Ubuntu repository. To install this option, enter the following command:

sudo apt-get install tremulous

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