SuperTuxKart — dimensional arcade racing cars cards.

SuperTuxKart 1.0


In the game there are about 20 different tracks. Each track has its own unique design and features.

In the beginning of the game part of the track is blocked. To unlock them you need to pass other routes.

You can choose the number of laps and number of opponents.

SuperTuxKart 1.0. Track.


The player can choose a character for which to play. Some characters are symbols (mascots) of various Linux projects.

Some of the characters:

  • Xue (XFCE-mouse)
  • The Wilbur (mascot graphic editor GIMP)
  • Com
  • Penguin Tux
  • The emulsion
  • Pidgin
  • And others…

SuperTuxKart 1.0. The choice of character.

Some of the characters early in the game locked and become available only after completing certain stages of the game.

Each person has their personal version of the map is completely different from the others. Features go-karts are also different. Each card has four parameters:

  • Weight
  • Maximum speed
  • Acceleration
  • The effectiveness of nitro

Game modes

There are several game modes:

  • Common race
  • Race against time
  • The pursuit of the leader
  • Battle. Inciting opponents using weapons.
  • Football. Need to score a goal in opposite gates.
  • Hunting for eggs. It is necessary to explore the track to find the hidden eggs.
  • Race with a Ghost. Race against the Ghost karts.


During the passage of the tracks is available a variety of bonuses and wrogie — speed up, missiles, balls, bombs and so on.

Difficulty levels

There are four levels of difficulty:

  • Beginner
  • Amateur
  • Expert
  • Supertax


SuperTuxKart has good 3D graphics. Requirements for video resources is quite low.

Additional materials

Additionally you can download third-party maps and tracks.


The game is written in the programming language C++.

Source code: Open Source.

License: GPLv3.

The game is fully translated into Russian language.

InstallationInstallation in Ubuntu (LinuxMint)

sudo apt install supertuxkart

Cross-platform game
Works in:

  • Android
  • Linux
  • MacOS
  • Windows

release..0.9.320 Nov 20171.020 APR 2019Что нового1.105 Jan 2019пресс release
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Screenshots of the game

  • Race in the desert (version: 0.9.1)Screenshot provided by the user.

  • Panda driving (version: 0.9.1)Screenshot provided by the user.

  • Racing (version: 0.9.1)Screenshot provided by the user.

  • SuperTuxKart 1.0. Main menu (version: 1.0)

  • SuperTuxKart – kart races (version: old version)

  • Kartrider (version: old version)


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