PDFArranger — a simple program to perform various actions with PDF documents (move, delete, crop, rotate pages within the document, combining PDF files, and so on).

PDFArranger is characterized by its simplicity and ease of operation. The program supports basic functionality for working with pages of PDF files and not overloaded with various functions.


Opportunities PDFArranger:

  • Move pages of a PDF document with the mouse (Drag&Drop).
  • Deletion of pages.
  • Rotate pages left or right 90 degrees.
  • Rearrangement of selected pages in reverse order.
  • Crop pages. The user specifies the area on the left, right, top, bottom of the page in percent that you want to crop.
  • Merging PDF files.
  • Export selected pages into a single PDF document.


The program is written in Python using GTK.

The program is a fork of utilities PDFShuffler, which is no longer evolving.

Installation in Ubuntu Linux

To install the program in Ubuntu Linux you can use PPA-repository. To do this, run the terminal command:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:linuxuprising/apps
sudo apt update
sudo apt install pdfarranger

You can run the program from the main menu of the distribution or by typing at the command prompt:


PDFArranger to install on Ubuntu Linux:sudo apt install pdfarranger
The program website (free download):PDFArrangerscreenshots of the program

  • Working with PDF file (version: 1.0)

Source: pingvinus.ru

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