xvkbd — flexible settings of the X Window System (X11) / Xaw (Xaw3d) implementation of the virtual keyboard.

Virtual (on-screen) keyboard xvkbd will be useful when there is no possibility to use a normal keyboard for any reason (broken, the user has physical limitations, etc).

xvkbd scales without any restrictions, supports more than twenty languages (including Russian), can work as a toolbar (attaching to the active window) and on top of all Windows (Always on Top), private conversations can take a special key to activate the “clicking Sound(Key-Click Sound) and more…

xvkbd has the function “Complete word(Word Completion) and the function “Complete dictionary(Completion Dictionary), supports “Function pressing the(Click Automatic), convenient when there is no possibility to click on the button, you can just move the pointer over the desired key after a specified period of time, it will be pressed automatically.

xvkbd has very low system requirements, parameters can be set from a GUI dialog (settings are saved in the configuration file ~/.xvkbd) and from the command line.

License: GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2)

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