Open Sonic — Super Sonic analogue for Linux

Game SuperSonic is one of the most popular games on gaming consoles, just classic of the genre! Probably because enthusiasts decided to create an open and free version based on this game called Open Sonic.

Open Sonic — Forest

Unlike the original Super Sonic, the game implemented a special cooperative mode in which you want to progress through the levels to use multiple characters at the same time. Levels more voluminous and complex, it’s not just “ran and proprygat”, it is necessary, using different characters to open a way through various traps and puzzles.

Open Sonic — Sonic Heroes

The graphics and sound in the game is made in 16-bit style, very similar to the original segovskie, immersion in 90 full! In order not to spoil the impression it is better to play in window since full screen in high resolution graphics are not very beautiful.

Open Sonic — Sonic Run

The game is being installed from Ubuntu repositories using the software Center (search for the word opensonic). Either from the command line by running the command:

sudo apt-get install opensonic

There is also a PPA repository: ppa:szymonw/ppa (ppa connection)

For other Linux distributions. and as for Windows version of the game OpenSonic can be downloaded on the official website:


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