Komorebi – live Wallpaper in Ubuntu

Live Wallpaper is not news. There were plenty of them in Linux 10 years ago when it was popular. Today they are used much less frequently.

GNOME or KDE, most desktop computers today are much less customized than ever before. In this sense, the Wallpaper Manager for Ubuntu Komorebi is a kind of time machine.

Install the great live Wallpaper in Ubuntu 18.10 / 18.04 with Komorebi

Komorebi Wallpaper Manager Packed a rather nice collection of live Wallpapers even live Wallpapers. The package also contains a simple tool to create your own live Wallpaper.

Komorebi comes in a convenient 64-bit DEB package, which makes it very easy to install on Ubuntu and most Debian based distributions (although the latest version of lost 32-bit support).

  • Download Komorebi 64-bit DEB package for Ubuntu, Mint (direct link)
  • Open the package ‘komorebi-2.1-64-bit.deb and click install (enter your password when prompted).

That’s about it. Komorebi is installed and ready to go! Now run Komorebi from the Launchpad application.

And, finally, to remove Komorebi and cancel any changes, enter the following command in terminal (CTRL + ALT + T).

sudo apt remove komorebi

Komorebi works fine on Ubuntu and 18.10 18.04 LTS. Here are some screenshots.

Well, a dive into the past, or well it? Vote in comments: live Wallpaper – have a place to be or a relic and a waste of battery?

Source: omgubuntu.ru

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