bashtop — stylish and simple Bash console performance monitor (resource monitor).

bashtop has a fast and responsive user interface, settings, system monitor can be set in menu settings made in the startup style “gaming the system menu“. Configured settings are stored in configuration file (~/.config/bashtop/bashtop.cfg).

System monitor bashtop shows CPU usage, memory, swap, disk, and network, as well as a list of processes. Data updating is performed at a specified interval, you can increase and decrease (the minimum interval 200 MS) in the monitoring process, the interval is saved between sessions.

A list of processes bashtop can be sorted by several parameters (identifier, process name, CPU usage, memory, etc), for the selected process, you can view detailed statistics, you can filter the list. The selected process can be completed, supported the completion of the group process, before you complete, you are prompted to run.

bashtop automatically scales graphs to fit the window of the terminal emulator supports changing themes, system monitor comes with five themes that are added to the theme directory (~/.config/bashtop/themes). Themes are easily editable, you can change the colors of text, graphs, headings, frames, background and other things. Own themes can be sent to the author of the monitor, to add to the kit for the project.

bashtop can run almost all modern emulators of the terminal, can optionally be carried out in the error log (~/.config/bashtop/error.log), optional features include the support of query for and download updates (used curl), used to control the keyboard shortcuts.

License: Apache License Version 2.0

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Author: posixru


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