BiblioteQ is a powerful C++ / QT graphical application for cataloging and managing your files.

BiblioteQ allows you to quickly organize your files using an intuitive and partly customizable user interface. The application provides many functionalities, supports cataloging of all types of files existing on the user’s computer.

BiblioteQ provides predefined profiles (information card) to the library organization of books and journals, literature and a collection of images (photographs), collection of DVDdiscs, music CD’s and video games.

In the preparation of the file directory BiblioteQ allows you to set many options, depending on the file type, the number of General and specific information varies, also to files you can add comments (descriptions). For searching and retrieving information from remote databases uses protocols SRU and Z39.50.

BiblioteQ for storing insertion data uses PostgreSQL and SQLite (compact, embedded, relational database), with flexible settings. Supported database search, quick and advanced application management focused on the use of the mouse.

License: BSD (Berkeley Software Distribution license)

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Author: posixru


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