Imagine — simple Electron (JavaScript, HTML, CSS) graphical interface (GUI) and console utilities designed to compress image formats like PNG, JPEG and WebP without any loss of quality.

Imagine to work with images uses console utility pngquant (conversion of 24/32bit RGBA PNG to 8bit PNG image with alpha transparency), mozjpeg (high-performance encoder JPEG-images from a project of Mozilla) and libwebp / cwebp (a set of libraries and a command-line utility for working with image format WebP).

Imagine is the most simple user interface for each format you can set compression settings “by default“. Added images are displayed as thumbnails and single images you can set the compression level.

Imagine allows you to save convert the original file to the new file name (automatically generated) and export the processed images to another directory, supported group and individual processing of images.

Imagine can save image in another format with the specified compression level, to convert images of format JPEG in PNG requires ImageMagick (set of console tools for image processing). Management is focused on the use of the mouse, to add images you can use drag and drop (Drag-and-drop / Drag and drop).

License: MLT (The MIT License)

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Author: posixru


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