A brand new look for Linux Mint 18

New, vaunted GTK theme will be part of Linux Mint 18 ‘Sarah.’

Showing off the progress of the development of new topics in your blog, project leader Clement Lefebvre of say that the new theme of “Mint Y” based on the trend of flat UI elements. It is based on (creepy) theme of the popular GTK Arc.

Users of the current design Mint should not panic.

Although the new, flat theme will be part of the next big release Linux distribution based on Ubuntu, it will not be the system default theme.

Sarah will use the usual ‘Mint X’ by default. ‘Mint Y’ will be available as an alternative.

‘Afraid of change’

While many look forward to the new design, Lefebvre explains the reason for the delay of the release of a new theme: “We noticed that many of you are afraid of the changes that this could bring.”

“We don’t want to change styles just so that they seem to be “looked” better, we will give you a choice,” he added. “When the majority prefer a new theme, only then it can become a standard.”

Two topics, choose any

How to ‘Mint X’ and ‘Mint Y’ will be pre-installed in Linux Mint 18 ‘Sarah’, and the last will also available in dark version.

It is a careful decision and it notices Clement, leaves Linux Mint 18 ‘fully back the standard look of Linux Mint 17 (sic)’.

Work on both topics will continue until the release of Linux Mint 18.

Mint fans are eager to see the novelty of the first; and the first beta of Linux Mint 18 will be released next month, based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

Do you use Linux Mint? Which of those do you like more?

Source: omgubuntu.ru

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