Google Earth

I have always loved geography. And a real surprise for me was the service from Google — “Google Earth”. In fact, it is a virtual globe with great features: scale, terrain representation, map view photos and panoramas view information about the areas, display buildings in 3D (if any available 3D buildings are created by users or service developers).
In addition to our native Land you can explore by using this service, starry sky, the surface of the moon or Mars.
In the client “Google Earth” built into the simulator is the worst, in my opinion. In the latest versions of the program have the opportunity of viewing the underwater topography in 3D.
Display objects, relief maps, scale ratio, the cache size for the objects received from the network, and much more — all customizable.
The program is cross-platform, implemented in C++ using Qt4 libraries. To display models use OpenGL or DirectX. The application “Google Earth” is free, but is proprietary software.

Maybe for someone this will be a handy navigation tool. And to me the program “Google Earth” presented an interesting hobby and pastime, because “there are so many places I have never been…”.
The program website (free download):Google Earth
The program is cross-platform and works in:

  • Linux
  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • iOS
  • Android

Screenshots of the program

  • Google Earth – Simsskins provided by the user.

  • Google Earth – Lunasense provided by the user.


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