As for LibreOffice to make landscape page

By default, the editor LibreOffice page looks exactly the same as an ordinary sheet of A4 paper and has a portrait orientation. This is necessary because for most office documents, abstracts, course and diploma works by default, adopted this orientation.

But there are a number of documents that need to be placed in landscape format, for example, a wide table or any scheme. In Office all this is very simple, but Libre is a bit different. In this article we will discuss how to in LibreOffice to make landscape page in different ways.

As for LibreOffice to make landscape page

The easiest way is when you need to make the landscape all the pages in your document. Then it is relatively easy. Just open the menu “Format” -> “Page”, and then click the tab “Page”:

Here you can move the switch from “Portrait” to “Landscape”:

In addition, in the same window you can configure the fields. The following methods slightly more complicated first, but tell libreoffice to do an album sheet only one set. To do this, position the cursor at the beginning of the first paragraph on this page, then click right mouse button and select “Page…”, then switch to the tab “Manage”:

In LibreOffice, there are several styles of pages. The default is basic. But, in addition, there is a style of “landscape”in which, again, installed the landscape orientation of the page. After that, your chosen page will be landscape.

Another way how to make page orientation to landscape in LibreOffice. In LibreOffice there is such a thing as the breaks. It is similar to the same term in Office. For each section, the program sets up a separate style.

First, create a new section before the page you want to make landscape, to do this, open the”Insert” “Break”:

Here, select “Divide”, but as a style of “Landscape” or you can set the style later, as was done in the first embodiment. Then at the end of your new landscape page you can insert a new gap to return to portrait orientation. So you can see where the breaks, turn on display of non-printing characters. Then the gaps will appear as a blue dotted line between the pages.


In this small article we looked at how LibreOffice to make a landscape page. As you can see, everything here is slightly more complicated than Microsoft Office. If you have any questions, please ask in the comments!


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