Termshark console Go (gowid / tcell)is an interface to the network Protocol analyzer TShark (network protocol analyzer), developed as part of the project Wireshark.

Wireshark is a versatile and extensible packet sniffer computer networks Ethernet and some other (network protocol analyzer). Using the analyzer, the user can view the entire passing network traffic in “real time“, the available sorting and filtering information, has support for most major network protocols.

Traffic analyser (sniffer / sniffer – sniff) is the app or device to intercept and analyze network traffic (your own or someone else’s). A sniffer can analyze only one pass through available network cardin the “classic” version of the traffic analysis takes place “manually“, using only the simplest of automation.

The style of TUI-based interface Termshark resembles the GUI of Wireshark, giving users familiar tools inspect packages, while allowing you to visually analyze traffic on a remote system without sending the trace file to your workstation.

Functionality Termshark based on the capabilities of the library analysis of network data is the PCAP (Libpcap), support the handling of ready – pcap-files (*.pcap) and the interception of data in “real time” specified network interfaces, similarly with a command-line utility tcpdump (interception and network traffic analysis).

Termshark provides convenient access to most features of the console network Protocol analyzer TShark, and also has additional functionality. Have the ability to use display filters prepared for Wireshark, copying ranges of packages via the clipboard, and much more…

License: MLT (The MIT License)

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