JSoko is a multifunctional Java (Java Swing) graphical application for the solution and optimization of the puzzle game Sokoban.

Sokoban is a logic puzzle game in which the player moves boxes around a maze, shown in plan view, with the aim to put all the boxes into position. The game was created in 1981 year , Hiroki Imabayashi and published by a Japanese company Thinking Rabbit in 1982 year.

Puzzle game Sokoban moves of interest from the point of view of computational complexity. The complexity of the levels caused by strong branching Reva solutions (comparable to chess), and its great depth, for the solution of some levels required more than a thousand talkany boxes (even in games with the classic version of the rules).

Using JSoko automatically find a solution for the chosen level Sokobanusing the “Optimizer” can be given parameters to compute the shortest path and the number of “aftershocks“.

JSoko supports changing themes and changing screen Sokoban (there are 21 ready screen and four background images), the maze level, you can display or rotate to increase or decrease.

Levels JSoko stores in the sorted database, there is a “level Editor“that allows you to edit existing and to create new levels, automatically saving changes in the edited level is supported by import/export levels (*.sok) and many more.

JSoko is constantly being improved and updated, the author of the project , Magers Mathias (Matthias Megers), one of the old “Sokoban Solvers” is the Rolling Stone (from Andreas Junghanns and Jonathan Schaeffer).

License: GNU General Public License version 2.0 / 3.0

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