Meet Jade, the environment is Linux desktop, created using web technologies

Have you ever heard about desktop environment Jade?

Desk Jade (“Jade” means “Just Another Desktop Environment”) is a desktop shell Linux, based (mainly) on web-technologies.

Currently, shell is only available in Manjaro Linux. But since it is created using WebKit 2, GTK, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Python, it is (at least theoretically) be easily transferred to other Linux distributions, including Ubuntu.

Sheath Jade desktop – still far from ready. Moreover, his only developer, Vitor Lopes prefers to give his “fully functional prototype of […], which can be changed at any time.”

Prototype or not, Desk Jade opens some interesting dynamics workflow, which (somewhat) hard to describe.

You will be able to better understand how the desktop environment is Jade, if you watch this demo video:

Interesting, new approach, isn’t it?

Admittedly, task-oriented workflow described above will not satisfy all tastes, but that’s why he’s cool! I love how easily people open source can explore and experiment with such a bold table features.

The developer of Jade says that he created it just to “learn Python… and keep your programming skills”. Somewhat satisfied with his efforts, he decided to adapt it for desktop use, to make it free for others to use, hacking or ignore other users.

If you want to play with him (but don’t want to build it from source), you can get the image of the alpha version in ISO format “Manjaro WebDad”.

If you like the look of this alternative DE, you should try GNOME Shell Material. It is the same cheese, but provides some interesting things.


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