lf (list files)

lf (list files) — full featured Go (glibc / termbox-go) console file Manager.

lf was created under the inspiration of the console file Manager ranger (vim-like file manager, terminal), but has some additional features. However, some of the functions available in the ranger intentionally omitted, because they are better handled by external tools (according to the author of the project). As lf was inspired by the ranger, it looks very similar and works, but it is not a clone (fork) and has many differences.

File Manager lf uses client/server architecture, designed to separate the selection of files across several instances when performing file operations. The server part runs in the background when you first start listening to and recording the selection of files to copy files in one instance and paste into another. Although copying files seems like a simple feature, but for it to work properly you always need to consider many factors, so lf delegates copying and moving files, basic commands cp and mv.

lf when you are copying or moving files “default” skips existing files and does not display the progress bar. Configurable file Manager with shell commands, so it is convenient to use to create your own scenarios. The configuration syntax is made as simple as possible, allowing the user to specify a shell command and assign keys to these commands (optional). For many, this can be both an advantage and a disadvantage, but for experienced users it is certainly the best solution.

lf has all the standard file Manager functionality, but unlike the ranger it has less built-in functions are not particularly welcome when working with the file system, and some functions are not “by default” is disabled, as it can cause performance problems. For example no native support “Bookmarks“, it is assumed that the user himself will write the appropriate commands and/or use an external tool.

lf runs fast and consumes a minimal amount of RAM, which provides good performance and response time for many users is essential. File Manager is still under active development, functionality often changes, which can sometimes require a change in configuration. For uses vim-like keyboard shortcuts similar to those used in ranger (Vim, Emacs, Midnight Commander).

License: MLT (The MIT License)

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