Dwarfs: a colony of gnomes

The game Dwarfs that we want to tell you in this review is the successor of a favorite of many generations of gamers “Lemmings”.

You will play the role of overseer of the underground inhabitants – dwarves. For this purpose you have given the dwarves-the dwarves diggers and warriors. First know how to dig the earth and search for valuable minerals and gold. The second fight with the spiders. Especially terrible enemy of the inhabitants of the colony is the Queen of spiders. Against her will have to use the big guns, the big gun of the dwarfs. In this game, like many others, is stupid and savage beasts – it’s a zombie. Most likely, the developers have included these characters in a game-like fashion.

Structures in Dwarfs

The main “Shrine” of the dwarves is the castle of beer. This is not surprising: people stern dwarves, live underground. And they, like people, sometimes want to relax, drink cool beer.

A set of architectural structures in the game is limited. Apart from the castle with a beer you can build a small turret that will “stamp” you fighters. The second purpose of the tower – transport the dwarves to the destination. For example, your dwarves can’t dig a tunnel, where you need it. Not far from this place you can place a tower and a catapult to move the soldiers. After the soldiers beat the enemy, they will be able to dig their way back.

Where to dig and where not worth it

Logic diggers straightforward – they will dig wherever you point with the mouse. However, instead of gold and mining laborers may “stumble” on water or lava. In this case, the floor will be a threat to the whole colony. One way out – to properly lay the dynamite to drain water or lava down. Of course it will have to choose “samurai” — dwarf that will give his life for the life of the colony.

The game has its own currency: it is needed for nearly everything. Even in order to guide the gnome to the right or to the left, you need to pay first. Solid market relations, or, as discussed earlier, cost accounting. But dwarves can yield valuable dividends in the form of yellow metal or minerals.

Game modes

In “Dwarfish” there are 4 levels of difficulty, ranging from simply casual to “hardcore”. The original game mode is Base Defense. There are towers and enemies, but no dwarves. That is, in this mode, Dwarfs represents a typical Tower Defense.

Other modes are similar to each other – to survive as long as possible on the map, to score points to the maximum when the established time limit, to dig and to fight with limited lighting.

The results

Summing up the above, we conclude that the advantages of the game is the variety of maps and modes, as well as gratuity. The shortcomings of the developers could include some monotonous images, and audio, and the gameplay itself. The game is perfect in order to kill a couple of evenings, but no more.

Setting Dwarfs on Ubuntu

The game is purchased and installed via Steam client. Instructions on how to install steam in ubuntu.


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