Leanote — multi – Electron (Node.js) / GTK network Notepad, a graphical client for the web service to create and organize text notes.

Leanote is simple interface and absence of excess functionality, there are several ready-made skins (light and dark), can be set in the configuration file (~/.config/Leanote/Preferences).

Web service Leanote is a very compact and functionally well thought out, one of its distinguishing features is the ability to deploy a web service on their own servers.

Leanote allows you to sort notes within notebooks (Notebook) and tags, and add notes in the “favorites(Starred). In addition to creating and saving notes, suggested the possibility of their publication in the blog, co-authoring (Cooperation) and exchange of notes (Sharing) in the target group.

To create notes Leanote provides a full-featured textual and visual Markdowneditor. For text you can choose font, color and size, you can set the background color of the document, draw a table, insert in-text notes quotes, images and mental maps (maps drawn in the built-in editor).

Leanote allows you to open the record in view mode, attach to notes files (any format), when editing the record supported an unlimited repeat function and return the changes (Undo/Redo), it is possible to search through the records. The client periodically sinhroniziruete notes service notes available when not connected to Internet (offline mode).

Leanote can run in windowed and full screen mode, supports exporting of notes and/or note group in the native format (redundancy), in the format of Evernote (a service for syncing notes), as well as in a PDF or HTML document. The control is via mouse and/or keyboard shortcuts.

License: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)

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Page sourceforge.net

Author: posixru

Source: zenway.ru

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