Some time ago I needed to find a program for organizing and taking notes. Shoveled a dozen other options I settled on this program because it is the most functional and comfortable. So, so what can you find in it?
1. Multilevel structure. You can create an extensive hierarchical system, with subordination of certain notes to others. You can simple drag and drop to change the location of the notes.
2. Full support links. And not only the references to objects in the network, but also on other notes within the program, the files and directories.
3. Support tags.
4. The ability to create independent from each other database notes.
5. The ability to export data (its format + PDF + plain text + HTML). Import data(from alternative programs for notes — Basket, Tomboy, KeepNote and others).
6. Convenient inserting auxiliary elements like images, tables, and blocks of code.
7. A little confusing, but still quite tolerable search (zamorochinsky that the search is carried out separately for branches and separately for content notes).
8. Edit the note text (size, color, type of fonts, background color). Particularly worth mentioning is thoughtful lists (auto-mark list numbers, to-do list To-Do, where you can mark completed tasks).
9. In addition to Linux supported version for Windows. It will be useful not only to deserters, but also for people who have in addition to our beloved OS to use Windows.
11. The keyboard shortcuts for many operations.

In addition I give a link to an article about CherryTree —Войдите to likingI like Likes: +2войдите to put the huskies
The program website (free download):CherryTree
The program is cross-platform and works in:

  • Linux
  • Windows

Screenshots of the program

  • The main window CherryTree (textual annotation) (version: 0.24)Screenshot taken from the official website.

  • Example of a note containing the code (version: 0.24)Screenshot taken from the official website.


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