How to use Lutris

A variety of Linux distributions has always caused some problems with compatibility, for the game developers. In order to provide a guaranteed running games in Ubuntu, Debian, or Arch Linux, the authors would have had all of the time to find compatible libraries and to debug the interaction of many components. It is very difficult, so major game companies are reluctant to create games specifically for Linux.

Of course, games can be run via emulator, but the setting of such a program requires knowledge and the strength not to everyone. Fortunately, the community gave a solution that simplifies running games in Linux. Lutris is a program that contains a set of scripts for many games with ready settings. Using Lutris installing and setting up games is greatly simplified. In this article we will discuss how to use Lutris.

  • Installation Lutris
    • Install drivers
    • Installation Vulkan
    • Installing Wine
  • How to use Lutris?
    • Installing games
    • Selection Wine version
    • Management DXVK
  • Insights

Installation Lutris

Installation order Lutris depends on the operating system. Information about this app can be found on the official website.

In our article we will show you how to install Lutris on Ubuntu 20.04. Launch the terminal and run the following:

Connect the repository with the command:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:lutris-team/lutris

Update the list of packages:

sudo apt update

Install Lutris:

sudo apt install lutris

Install drivers

Default in Linux is the open source drivers. However, still it is strongly recommended to install a new, but officially released, the drivers provided by component manufacturers, if you know how to do it. Detailed instruction on installing drivers for Nvidia graphics cards can be found in the article.

To make sure the required games OpenGL is installed correctly, use the command:

glxinfo | grep "OpenGL renderer"

If you are using an AMD graphics card, you can use the same description of the driver installation process in the article.

In order to verify the correctness of the driver installation, run the command in the terminal. In the string Kernel modules will be displayed the name of the graphics driver:

lspci-k | grep -EA2 "VGA|3D|Display"

Installation Vulkan

Next, you need to install the API Vulkan. NVIDIA run the command in the terminal:

sudo apt install libvulkan1 libvulkan1:i386

If you have AMD, the command is different:

sudo apt install mesa-vulkan-drivers mesa-vulkan-drivers:i386

Installing Wine

Lutris developers recommend to install the latest version of the Wine package, because Lutris is not able to track all the dependencies of software packages. Details on installing Wine, we shall not stop, we recommend you to read more about this on our website article.

The installation Lutris completed, you can proceed to installing and configuring games.

How to use Lutris?

In order to run the application Lutris, type its name in the search bar. After starting the program its main window is divided into three parts. On the left the list of categories and game platforms. In the center list of games installed on the computer, here search results are displayed on the website Lutris. On the right is a panel control the game — run, adjust settings, or delete.

Installing games

Now let’s see how to install the game in Lutris. First you have to find. For this there are two ways. If the name of the game is unknown or you want to see the full list, go to and going to Games. Here you can search for games by name, genre or platform. The selected application can be installed by clicking Install.

If you know the name, you can type it in the search box Lutris and click Search In our example, this is a game Overwatch.

Further installation games Lutris is simple. Click Install and follow the instructions.

Specify the directory where will be saved game files. To continue, click Install.

After installation is complete, Lutris will offer to create shortcuts for quick access to app menu and on the desktop. To start the game, click Launch.

Selection Wine version

In most cases games run in Linux with Wine settings by default. However, some games might require a different version of Wine. In order to change this setting, click the gear icon in the left of the main window Lutris.

Open a long list of applications supported by the platform. Scroll to the words “Wine. Click Manage Versions. The screen will display the list of available Wine versions.

Installed on the system version is checked. Locate the appropriate version and install by clicking next to its name.

Now we need to change the version of Wine used already for the game. Click the mouse on the game logo in the Central part of the main screen Lutris, and then click Configure in the drop-down menu.

Opens the settings window of the game, in our case, Configure Overwatch. Tab Runner options click the drop-down list of Wine versions and select the version you need.

Click Save to save the changes.

Management DXVK

In order to change the version DXVK used by the game, you must do the following steps. Right-click on the name of the game in the middle of the window Lutris. In the context menu, select Configure.

In the opened window, go to Runner options and select Show advanced options. The window displays the new object drop-down list DXVK versions.

In the drop-down list DXVK version select the version DXVK and click Save to save the settings. Lutris will automatically download the specified version and will use it to run the game.


In this article we have tried to answer the question about how to use Lutris. With the release of app to control the settings of the games, stating that Linux is not a gaming platform can be considered insolvent. Lutris supports dozens of software environments and emulators gaming platforms — Wine, Sega, Nintendo, Gameboy, ZX Spectrum and others. With its help, simply install and configure the games you buy from the popular stores — Steam, Blizzard Battle.Bet, Ubisoft, and other, configuration files and required libraries are downloaded automatically.


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