Eye Of Gnome

Eye Of Gnome (eog) is a simple image viewer developed in the framework of the GNOME desktop environment.

The program is a standard image viewer of the GNOME desktop.


The program has a simple, not overloaded interface. By default, the program window contains only the area to display the image panel top with functional buttons.

When you hover your mouse on the image buttons appear to navigate to the next/previous file and also buttons to rotate the image.

Using the menu you can enable additional panels. You can configure the background color of the image (default black color) and a color to represent transparent areas.

Features of the program

Key features:

  • Automatic image scaling when you resize the program window. Automatic smoothing.
  • Automatic orientation of the image.
  • Full screen view mode.
  • Additional panel that you can enable or disable:
    • The sidebar with information about the file. Displays the size of the image in pixels, type, file size, the directory where the file is located, and EXIF data.
    • A gallery of images. The horizontal bar located at the bottom of the program window and contains thumbnail images from the current directory.
    • Status. Displays the image size in pixels, the file size and the current zoom level.
  • The Slide-show. Running in full-screen mode. In the settings you can set the interval between switching slides.
  • Sets the current image your desktop background.
  • Save the image. Supported formats include: tiff, png, jpeg, ico, bmp.
  • Support hot keys.
  • Support for plugins (modules).


The program’s functionality can be expanded through the use of additional plugins.

Some of the available plug-ins developed for GNOME:

  • Exif Display — Displays camera settings and histogram in the sidebar. Adds camera settings to the status bar.
  • Map — Shows in the sidebar the map and mark where the photo was taken.
  • Python Console — The Console Is Python. Opens in a separate window.
  • Send by Mail — Adds a menu item to send the picture by mail.
  • Slideshow Shuffle — Shuffles images in slideshow mode.
  • Postr — upload photos to Flickr.
  • Picasa Web Uploader — upload photos to Google Picasa Web.
  • Zoom to fit image width — fits the image to window width.
  • Light theme — dark theme Disables the program window (changes in light).

To install plugins on offer GNOME, run the command in the terminal:

sudo apt install eog-plugins

After that, the plugins must be enabled in the program settings.

To install Eye Of Gnome on Ubuntu Linux:sudo apt install eog
The program website (free download):Eye Of Gnomethe Screenshots of the program

  • Viewing photos (version: 3.28.4)

  • Additional panel (version: 3.28.4)

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