Alex the Allegator (Alex 4)

Alex the Allegator is a series of small two-dimensional C (si) / Allegro retro platformer.

A series of games Alex the Allegator includes a short horizontal platformer for one or two players Alex the Allegator 1 (searching for my dream girl Lola), a puzzle game for one or two players Alex the Allegator 2 (release the playing field from the tokens), a racing game Alex the Allegator 3Radioactive Racers (racing on the roads involving alligator Alex and his friends) and platformer 4 Alex (Alex the Allegator4).

Alex 4 has a characteristic of a conventional horizontal platforming gameplay (like classic Mario), the player will lead the alligator Alex through the jungle and help him save his beloved Lola, which the kidnappers evil people, decided to make her leather handbag.

The main game Alex 4 includes twelve game levels, ten standard and two “bosses“, in addition there are four additional locations. For a complete passing game must not only reach the exit, but to collect all the items (cherries and stars), which greatly complicates the passage level.

Alex 4 has four-color pixel graphics between levels works automatically save, allowing you to start the game from the very beginning and open level. There is an unobtrusive sound, built-in “level Editor“, statistics (list of records) and the event log (~/.alex4/log.txt)to control using a keyboard.

License: GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2)

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Author: posixru


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