Dash to Panel received a major update

The new version of the extension for the GNOME shell Dash to Panel is now available and it has significantly changed.

For those who don’t know to Dash Panel is a popular alternative to Dash to Dock, uniting the toolbar of the GNOME Shell Dash and top panel in GNOME unified panel (about as Windows desktops or Plasma 5).

Dash to Panel v20 – the first major upgrade of expansion since December of last year.

In the update, among the small changes presented some improvements of the preview window, such as a revised version of the smooth animation, which we saw earlier in June.

Also, with the settings governing the size, spacing, opacity, location of the buttons, visible title and font style (!), which debuted in this release, users have more control over the appearance of the preview window.

Concluding the overview of changes in the preview window, should say something about adding a context menu with the right mouse button that allows you to manage Windows (minimize/maximize/move to another workspace) directly from the sketch window.

Fans Dash to Panel will assess another nice improvement that may be approved is the color change indicator of open/running applications, depending on the dominant color of the app icon.

All changes to Panel to Dash v20:

  • The dynamic size of the preview window
  • The style of the preview window
  • Shortcuts added in context menu of the button “Show apps”
  • Context menu in the preview window
  • The option to disable tooltips
  • Improved behavior in the mode “Intellihide” in full screen mode
  • Improved support for GNOME 3.32

Install Dash Panel to v20

Dash to Panel is a free extension open-source for desktop GNOME Shell. Has support for GNOME Shell 3.8+ (so it is fully compatible with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and Ubuntu 19.04).

If you already know how to install extensions for GNOME Shell in Ubuntu you can go to the web site of GNOME extensions to install add-ons.

Please note that at the time of this writing, Dash to Panel v20 is in the preview. At this point you can set the Dash Panel to v19 with site extensions GNOME. You will be notified about the availability of the new version as soon as it appears.

Also you can install the extension manually using .zip files available on Github to Dash Panel.

Ubuntu Dock will automatically turn off when you turn the Dash extension to Panel on the desktop, Ubuntu (and restartllif you unplug the Dash to Panel).

Source: omgubuntu.ru

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