View Your Mind

View Your Mind — a cross-platform program for making associative maps — charts with ties.

View Your Mind allows you to create so-called mind-map cards, also called intellect or mind maps. As a rule, a mind map consists of a Central master node, which branch off different tasks, thoughts, notes. The result is a diagram with connections.

Features of the program

Some of the key features of the program:

  • Drawing diagrams in graphical mode.
  • Available items — rectangle, rounded rectangle, ellipse, cloud and text with no framing.
  • Adding padding to elements.
  • Change the color of border and background elements.
  • Adding relationships between elements.
  • The addition of various marks, icons to the elements.
  • View cards in a tree-like list of items.
  • Display different charts in tabs and switching between them.
  • Import charts from programs FreeMind, Mind Manager, KDE 4 Bookmarks.
  • Export diagrams to various formats (file, image, HTML, PDF, SVG, LibreOffice, XML, and others).
  • And other possibilities.


The program is written in C++ using the capabilities of XML and DBus uses the Qt5 library.

Installation in Linux

The program is in the repositories of popular distributions.

To install on Ubuntu Linux, run in terminal:

sudo apt install vym

You can run the program from the main menu from the Office or from the command line by doing:


View set Your Mind on Ubuntu Linux:sudo apt install vym
The program website (free download):View Your Mind
The program is cross-platform and works in:

  • MacOS
  • Windows
  • Linux

Screenshots of the program

  • Preparation of the associative card (version: 2.5.0)


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