The Distributions Of The Latest Ubuntu 20.10 Have Arrived! Let’s See What’s New

Along with the final version of Ubuntu 20.10, there are also new builds from the Ubuntu family, which includes Kubuntu, Ubuntu MATE and Ubuntu Budgie.

Instead of publishing separate posts for each distribution, I decided to publish this brief overview, limited to just two paragraphs about each.

Despite the brevity of the review, it has everything you are used to in such posts: key changes and new features of the distribution, as well as download links if you want to install something for yourself.

Let’s go!

Kubuntu 20.10

Kubuntu 20.10 is based on KDE Plasma 5.19, not KDE Plasma 5.20, the latest version released this month. Although this means that Kubuntu users will not benefit from the latest features and features (of which there are many), the latest version has a lot to enjoy without it.

Applets on the taskbar now have a unified look, the audio player widget has been improved, and many new system monitor widgets have been added. KDE 20.08.1 applications are included, as well as the latest versions of LibreOffice, Firefox, and other major software.

Download Kubuntu 20.10 (64-bit. iso)

Ubuntu Budgie 20.10

Ubuntu Budgie 20.10 is not much different from Ubuntu Budgie 20.04 (but, for the sake of fairness, I will say that this time-this is the general trend for most varieties of Ubuntu). The default app menu can now display actions (like logging out, restarting, and so on), as well as GNOME settings (like display, power, and so on). Quite convenient.

As always, there are plenty of applets, add-ons, and themes available with options, including an experimental full-screen app launcher called LightPad and a macOS-style desktop layout. None of them are enabled or configured during the default installation, so you will have to work hard.

Download Ubuntu Budgie 20.10 (64-bit. iso)

Xubuntu 20.10

Xubuntu 20.10″ out of the box ” makes a fantastic first impression with a starry sky desktop wallpaper framed by a user-friendly desktop interface. What’s the only problem?  Exactly the same as Xubuntu 20.04 LTS.

Since Xfce 4.16 is not yet released, there are no improvements to the main desktop in this version, except for bug fixes and minor tweaks. There are several updated applications inherited from Ubuntu, such as the new release of Firefox. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any change logs to please you with something substantial.

Download Xubuntu 20.10 (64-bit. iso)

Ubuntu Kylin 20.10

Ubuntu Kylin is a distribution in Chinese, and at the same time, it has the most changes. Kylin 20.10 includes a new version of the (very attractive) Qt-based UKUI 3.0 desktop, which is significantly improved over previous versions, including a new Notification Center, resizable taskbar, Application menu, and file manager.

The only major drawback is that, as always, unless you speak Chinese or live in China, Ubuntu Kylin is virtually inaccessible; there is no easy way to switch to English, and many of the distribution’s key features require accounts in Chinese Internet services.

Download Ubuntu Kylin 20.10 (64-bit. iso)

Ubuntu Studio 20.10

Everything has changed in Ubuntu Studio 20.10. The distribution now uses the Plasma desktop environment as a canvas on which creatives can get creative, and Calameres takes over the installation responsibilities. Despite the DE replacement, the overall layout and appearance of Ubuntu Studio 20.10 is not too different from Ubuntu Studio 20.04 based on Xfce!

As for apps, users will now find Darktable in the app menu (replacing Rawtherapee); Openshot and Pitivi are gone, replaced by Kdenlive (a wise choice); and Calf Studio Gear (the Calf plugins) have been replaced with LSP plugins.”

Download Ubuntu Studio 20.10 (64-bit. iso)

Ubuntu MATE 20.10

Ah, finally, we come to everyone’s favorite distribution: Ubuntu MATE. This release includes the recent release of MATE desktop 1.24.1 (which, as strange as it may sound, will also be ported to Ubuntu MATE 20.04).

One of the key changes that this release makes (it’s a pity that most users won’t even notice it) is the transition to Ayatana indicators from Ubuntu indicators. This change has long-term benefits, as this project is independent of Ubuntu. Ubuntu MATE 20.10 also includes a new webcam app that replaces the GTK-based Cheese.

Download Ubuntu MATE 20.10 (64-bit. iso)

Instead of an epilogue

If you know of any particularly nifty additions to any of the above distributions that you think deserve special attention, let me know about them in the comments and I’ll add them to this article.


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