Parrillada-Graphic C (C) / GTK is an application for burning optical CD-R/W and DVD-R/W discs.

Parrillada is a full-featured modification of the Brasero, rewritten by Philippe Rouquier) for use in the MATE Desktop environment.

Brasero is a modular graphical application that provides all the necessary tools for burning optical CD-R/W and DVD-R/W discs. The application is officially included in the Gnome desktop environment (since version 2.26).

Parrillada is designed to be simple and easy to use, the user interface is specially made completely similar to GNOME Brasero (GTK2 version), and the functionality provided by the modular architecture in the original application is also preserved.

Parrillada, like Brasero, is a graphical interface (GUI) for several console utilities, such as cdrtools and libburn (read and write optical disks), libisofs (a library for packing files and directories on a hard disk into an ISO 9660 diskimage), etc… Support for converting audio and video formats is provided by Gstreamer (multimedia framework, the core of multimedia applications).

Parrillada supports all media formats (supported by CD / DVD drive), before starting the recording process, you can change some properties of the recording device. You can save and open the created project (in a*. xml file), use the mouse and/or keyboard shortcuts to control it, and there is detailed documentation (including on ruscom).

License: GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2)

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