Simulator grass: a strange game with an unusual name

It would seem that today’s gamers is no surprise, especially after the publication of such curiosities, as a simulator of a cat thug, goat simulator, and simulated stone. However, the Steam Greenlight undertook to challenge this assertion by providing to the user an announcement of a new simulation game, which received very exotic name – simulator grass or Grass Simulator.

Judging by the beta version of the game, it is not a grass simulator in its pure form, primarily because you have to play for a man armed with a pistol, and with the first-person. So that, most likely, in addition to the simulator itself, this game, as a minimum, will include the elements of a shooter. The game also contains animals, particularly cows, which with high probability can act as targets.

The rest of the game authors did not disclose her features, trying to keep the element of intrigue and the nebula around its appearance, and only promises to impress players a huge number of picturesque, beautifully animated, dynamic landscapes, of course, a huge amount of grass as the main component.

Also, according to the developers, trial version of the game is one of the most popular on their official server and, moreover, is becoming more and more popular.

At the moment, a vote on Steam Greenlight and if under the influence of its results, the game is approved by Valve, then by the end of 2014 users of Linux, Mac and PC will be able to see and appreciate a new game, so all clearly intrigued by his unusual name.

We can only hope that the developers Greenlight does not hit the face in the dirt and will be able to capture the imagination not only of Linux users is, quite frankly, not spoiled the game soft, but seasoned PC players, which is not so easy not what to please, but even to surprise, unless you take into account the surprise caused by the extravagant name of the game. However, as they say, time will tell, but for now just have to wait.


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