tcpreplay is a set of cantilever C (si) tools for initiating sessions based on intercepted traffic, utilities for editing and playback of PCAP files.

Set of tools tcpreplay was originally developed to reproduce the patterns of malicious traffic and intrusion prevention. In the future, utilities have undergone many changes, including the ability to play on the web servers.

Gave the name to the set utility tcpreplay replays PCAP files with arbitrary speed, tcprewrite allows you to edit and create a PCAP file, tcpreplay-edit edits the PCAP file and replays them into the network, tcpprep creates cache files definitions client/server (used by tcpreplay and tcprewrite).

Utility tcpbridge enables the connection of two network segments (using tcprewrite), tcpliveplay plays recognised servers TCP PCAP files tcpcapinfo is intended to decode and debug PCAP files (e.g. generated by the utility tcpdump).

To regenerate the stream using the set of tools tcpreplay can be useful to evaluate the behavior of different applications on different attacks, when investigating the causes of failures in network software or load testing (you can change the intensity of packets will be sent).

License: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)

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