Jump’n Bump

Jump’n Bump is a beautiful C (si) / SDL multiplayer 2D platformer.

Jump’n Bump released Domarius Games and is a remake (re-release) retro game Brainchild Design (brainchilddesign), released in 1998 year by the same company for MS-DOS. The game supported multiplayer mode (multiplayer) with two to four players, the characters were only rabbits.

Initially Jump’n Bump had several levels similar to the levels of the original game and their characters were only rabbits. In the future, you have added several levels with different characters from popular games, you can easily edit and/or create your own levels.

Gameplay Jump’n Bump (as the Brainchild of game Design) is the movement and jumping of the characters on the platforms on the playing field, aiming to crush rivals “to death” and get as many points as possible, the game belongs to the genre of “there will be only one“.

Jump’n Bump multiplayer mode supports two to eight players can play on one computer or LAN, the game has a client-server architecture (one instance of the game running as server and rest as clients), there are sound effects and music.

Jump’n Bump is a small system requirements, can run in window and full screen mode. For control, you can use any number of devices (mice, keyboards, joysticks, etc), with the possibility of playing several players on the same device (e.g. the keyboard).

License: GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2)

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