Elokab File manager

Elokab File manager — a lightweight C++ / QT graphical file Manager, developed as part of the working environment Elokab.

Elokab Desktop Environment — the graphical full-featured Qt desktop environment from the Arabic developers. Interface operating environment made in accordance with the ideas of classical organization of the desktop, in the environment included all of the standard applications (panel, file Manager, session Manager, etc.)and specific to Arab users of the application.

Elokab File manager has a simple, and partially customizable user interface (edit, move and disable the toolbar)allows you to perform all the most common operations on files and directories (open, create, move, copy and delete files and directories, change attributes of files and directories).

To view files and directories in Elokab File manager can be in the form of icons, detailed list and thumbnails, with the ability to sort by several criteria (name, size, type, date), you can open directories in tabs to view the properties (file/folder) and change the color of individual directories.

Elokab File manager has preview function for directories, text and HTMLfiles shows thumbnails of video and picture files of most popular formats, use FFmpeg (ffmpegthumbnailer). File Manager automatically detects the file type and launches them in the appropriate application, you can set the app by yourself.

In the left pane Elokab File manager displays different lists mounted partitions, external storage devices (the device list is automatically updated) and bookmarks. There is a quick transition in sub directories, filtering,search in the current directory and opens it in the terminal (the system “default” or specified by the user).

Elokab File manager supports Drag&Drop (Drag and Drop), control is possible with mouse and/or keyboard combinations.

License: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)

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