Zero Ballistics: tank battles in Ubuntu

Game Zero Ballistics is a mix of tank battles and first-person shooter. At the first acquaintance with the game you might get depressing due to the primitive graphics and monosyllabic gameplay: it is necessary to restore the crosshair at your enemy and release a projectile to defeat.

Two styles of combat in Zero Ballistics

However, with familiarity with the gaming product it becomes clear that Zero Ballistics is not so simple game. Experienced players will note some similarities with Scorched Earth and Twisted Metal. That is possible here as the wild battle between the machines, and quite deliberate shooting at considerable distances. You can act on the principle: “the main thing is to get involved in the fight, come what may”. However, you risk just not understand the whole point of the game.

More experienced players may choose a different style of battle. Increasing the scale of the map, you will be able to track all movements of troops of the enemy, and not to approach him. If you estimate the trajectory of the projectile, the enemy can be shot and from afar. Thus, the two tanks can communicate with each other “sighting shots” as long as one of the goals will not be affected.

On the one hand, to aim, while under continuous heavy fire, it is difficult, on the other – if not to move off a safe distance, the sight will lose. At the moment these shootings are not fashionable. So in this game the decision is unexpectedly fresh.

If you destroy the enemy, you get two points for causing damage to enemy technology relies one point. Well, if you bump into a wall and explode, one point with you, on the contrary, will be removed.

The possibility of pumping in Zero Ballistics

Save up the experience, you can use it for future pumping. If you prefer shooting at a distance, then it will be better to strengthen the armor, and more like a direct “contact” with enemy vehicles, then the best upgrade is to increase maneuverability. As in the first and in the second case the damage of your attack increases.

Tank guns

The overall game concept is reflected in the armament of tanks. So, more experienced players can use armor-piercing gun, it causes your opponent maximum damage. Beginners are recommended to start with a frag cannon, which is fairly weak offensive power, but the maximum radius of destruction. Thus, using this gun, just the aim not necessarily. And finally, one more tool in English is called “heavy impact”. This gun need for special tactics – to create a shock wave and shift the enemy tanks at a distance, to shoot down his sight.

Except for tank guns, as a player and has auxiliary weapons such as mines (allow you to break away from the chase), special nozzle for RAM equipment of the enemy. In addition, there is a laser – accurate weapon, but almost useless at long distances.

Installing Zero Ballistics in Ubuntu

First we need to connect the PlayDeb repository.About how to do this is written here. After that, the game can be installed in a regular way, for example by typing in a terminal window the following command:

sudo apt-get install zero-ballistics

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