zenith — console – Rust application for monitoring processes and system load.

System monitor zenith displays are in the form of visual diagrams using the CPU and RAM, network utilization and disk (partition). The charts are updated in real-time, is also displayed sorted according to several parameters, the list of processes.

zenith with additional options allows you to run only the required chart with the specified height and frequency of updates, size charts, you can change while using the system monitor, reduce and enlarge to the size of the working space of the terminal emulator.

zenith maintains performance data for each session and between sessions, with support scrolling in time. Database download system is saved in a file (~/.zenith/store), save the history performance data can be disabled. To manage system monitor using a keyboard.

zenith is under active development, performance monitor is created with the experience of the projects tui-rs (the library of Rust to create a console user interfaces and dashboards), sysinfo (Rust utility for collecting system information and hardware), heim (Rust utility sample system information), serde (Rust framework serialization) and clap (Rust library for the analysis of command line arguments and subcommands when writing console applications).

License: MLT (The MIT License)

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Author: posixru

Source: zenway.ru

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