Zeitgeist Explorer

Zeitgeist Explorer is a simple Python / GTK (PyGObject) graphical interface (GUI) for file access service user activity Zeitgeist (zeitgeist-daemon / zeitgeist-datahub).

Zeitgeist — service logging user activity, system service registered custom actions, and events from open files to visited websites, emails, and conversations in the messaging client.

Service Zeitgeist (zeitgeist-daemon) is designed to check all user activity and organizing it in chronological order. This allows you to quickly find the necessary information and to recover common pictures of what was done by the user in a given period of time. After processing by algorithms of the Association of stored information for use by third-party applications.

Zeitgeist Explorer provides information on the tabs in the first (Monitor Events) displays the current monitoring event, the second tab (Applications) displays the sorted by date list of data for applications. Service can be stop and start and delete all history for a specific application and/or selected event.

License: GNU Library or Lesser General Public License version 2.0 (LGPLv2)

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