ytop — simple Rust console system monitor (TUI based system monitor).

ytop has two modes of operation used by “default(as multiple modules) and minimalistic (lightweight), information about the download of the system renders graphics in real-time. System monitor created based projects bashtop, bottom, glances, gotop, gtop, htop, vtop and zenith.

ytop displays CPU usage displaying for each core a separate schedule and the schedule of the “average” CPU usage, RAM usage and swap space, the data from the sensors of temperature, loading of all or only specified network interfaces, mount points and disk usage. Battery status notebook, and a status bar with optional start time.

System monitor ytop displays a list of processes that’s sorted by ID, process name, CPU usage or memory, you can filter the list. Updating the list of processes can be accelerated, reduced, and stopped, moved to the desired process can be completed, supported the completion of the group process, before you complete, you are prompted to run.

ytop comes with multiple color schemes in the format of JSON (*.json), you can set your own colors, such as correcting one of the standard themes (colorschemes) after saving it in the configuration folder (~/.config/ytop/new-topic.json). System monitor can work in almost all modern emulators of the terminal used to control the keyboard shortcuts, the mouse is partially supported.

License: MLT (The MIT License)

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Author: posixru


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