Yandex Browser

Yandex Browser for Linux — the web browser from Yandex for the Linux operating system. Has all the necessary capabilities for the Internet surfing. Support quick links, mouse gestures, turbo mode, enter the address of the website in the wrong layout, built-in website translation and more.

The browser supports the so-called Smartbox to enter the address of the website. You just enter the name of the site in Russian, and the browser will automatically select for you the required website. For some sites in the address bar automatically appear in the Quick links for access to the main sections of the website being viewed.

Built-in Turbo mode saves on traffic. When used, all traffic passes first through a special server that can compress text, images or even videos.

The program has a built-in translator foreign sites in Russian language.

The Yandex Browser supports add-ons, which allow you to extend its functionality.

The program is completely in Russian. Available for download in deb and rpm packages (64-bit).

Note: At the time of writing this review, Yandex Browser for Linux is still in beta (so there may be some bugs when working with the program).

Install Yandex Browser in Linux (Ubuntu)

  • To install Yandex Browser on Ubuntu Linux you need to download from the official site ready deb package (the file is named Yandex.deb).
  • After that double click the file, open the Ubuntu software Center. Click Install (the Install).
  • Enter the password that will install the program.
  • To start the interface from the main system menu or from the terminal command: yandex-browser.
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    The program website (free download):Yandex Browser
    The program is cross-platform and works in:

    • Linux
    • Windows
    • MacOS
    • iOS
    • Android

    Screenshots of the program

    • The main window of Yandex Browser in Linux (version: 14.10.2062.11851 beta (64-bit))


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